Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a wonderful night

What an absolutely, wonderful, perfect night. First of all, the evening when John got home was pretty good. The girls were awake for a good portion of it and were happy, not fussy. We fed them at 9, gave them baths and put them to sleep. Where they fell immediately to sleep!!! It was awesome. They slept for 5 hours and they weren't gassy during that time. They slept peacefully. They both woke up with bad gas, but we were able to help them get rid of it by rubbing their tummies, and bicycling their legs. So we fed at 2am. While we were feeding the thunderstorm started. We had a HUGE thunderstorm. The rain was just pouring down, the lightening was fierce. It was awesome. I love thunderstorms. We put them back to sleep and again, they went right down. They slept for another 3.5 peaceful hours. Again, they woke up with bad gas. John helped me sort that out and feed them, then he took off for work. Us girls decided to try and get just a little more shut eye. Again, they went right down. Now this time, poor Maddie has had tummy hurts the whole time. I've tried rubbing her tummy and rocking her. She's sound asleep, but groaning and grunting the whole time. My poor little angel!

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