Friday, February 29, 2008

Surprise party

I did it! I pulled off a pretty fun surprise 30th birthday party for John. I still can't believe I did it without giving it away! There was no way for me to get John out of the house to set up the party, so I organized it for the party to come to John. It worked out great!!! So I was trying to have a normal evening (without bursting!) I even started cooking John dinner. He had requested chicken parmigian for dinner. So I was cooking that, and trying to go slow since I knew everyone would show up at 6:30. His family, his friend Chenault and my family all met at the pool parking lot in my neighborhood. Then at 6:30 they caravaned over to my house and walked in the door. John was sitting on the couch. He was so surprised! Everyone was wearing hats, my sister had balloons, Jackie had salad and garlic bread, my Mom and Chris showed up with wine, a cake and the lasagna I had cooked the morning before. It was insta-party. John's comment was that people just kept on coming in. We all had a good time with good food. The girls were great, Sammy was having fun with Ripley. Julie looked terrific! What a blast. Here are some of the photo's that were taken:
Surprise!!! John holding Maddie sees everyone walk in.

We had a lot of yummy food, it was insta-party. Chris is holding Maddie.

The girls had their dinner too. Nanny, Grandma and Izzie.

Aunt Rhonda holding Maddie and Izzie

John and John. What a lovely hat!

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