Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stormy day

Today was the perfect pajama day. A pajama day, by definition is a day that you stay in your pajamas for the entire day. We had rain storms all day long, the fire burning in the fire place and a movie on the tv. John, the girls and I all cuddled up and watched Stardust. It's a cute adventure/fantasy/romance. When I asked John if he was interested in watching it, he looked it up and said, "Oh, great, a chick flick." I told him that it was labeled as adventure and fantasy before romance. He said the labels were alphabetical. Hum. Anyway, we did end up watching it, and it was a good movie.

The girls have been generally in good spirits today, but they do want to be held continuously. John's been wearing the Baby Bjorn and I've been wearing the Moby Wrap. These girls sure do like their cuddle time.

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