Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday I went to my mom's house with the girls while John had some friends over to play D&D. Then we spent yesterday evening over at his Mom's house to celebrate Chris V's b-day. We had a good time and ate some good food. John's Grandma is doing so much better since her pace maker was put in. She has more energy and is feeling better.

Today went pretty well. Last night was another hard night, but the day went smoothly. Maddie slept for most of the morning while Izzie and I played and then the opposite for the afternoon. They haven't been as gassy today. Izzie had one pretty bad spell of it though. I feel so bad when I know their tummy is hurting so badly!

The bad news is that Julie had to go back to the hospital today. She's doing better this evening, but we are all still really worried about her. The good news is that her baby is doing fine, so we just got to get Julie healthy! She's at 32 weeks, and we want to keep her little one cooking a little longer.

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