Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

The day started off kind of funny for me. At around 5 am this morning, Maddie starts fussing. I am trying to wake up, but my brain isn't moving fast enough. I look over at the clock and see that it is 5 in the morning. I think to myself, "Oh, she must be getting hungry. Then I jolt out of bed. In my sleepy state I had forgotten that we had fed them at midnight. I thought they had gone 8 hours without eating. I jump out of bed and get Maddie ready, thinking she was going to start bawling. I get Izzie out of John's arms. (Somehow we ended up sleeping with them in our arms again.) And then I remember we had fed them at midnight. Still, five hours was very nice. Especially since they ate, and we all got back in bed. John went to work at 6 like usual, and the girls and I slept until 8.

This morning I was carrying Maddie around in the baby bjorn. It's a different type of baby carrier. I thought it might be easier for John to use. The first time we tried it, she didn't like it, but today she did fine. I put her in the crib when Izzie started crying. Izzie and I did a little dance around the toy room. I think her tummy was hurting her some more. Now both girls are asleep in their crib. Some days it is a matter of one girl after the other. At least those days are better than when they are both upset at the same time. Then I usually have to sit cross legged on the floor. I put one girl in my lap and hold the other one up high in my arms.

About a week ago, the girls became Pacifier Obsessed. The only problem is that they kept falling out. And then they would cry. So we'd stick it back in, they'd suck and it would fall out, they'd cry. Repeat. Repeat a million more times. Repeat a million more times in the middle of the night. You get the picture. So in desperation I posted to my twin board for suggestions. The answer they said was the Wabbanub. The said it was a beanie baby attached to a paci so you can prop it next to them and the weight helps keep it in their mouths. Or they can hug it, to keep it in. I was so excited. I ordered one right away. I checked the tracking every day for a week waiting for it to arrive so sure all my troubles would be over. (Not really, but I was hoping it would help a little bit!) Finally they arrive. The package was suspiciously small. John opens it up, and these itty bitty things fall out. They have no heft to them at all. My disappointment was very evident. But I figured we'd try them out. They are cute when the girls hug them. But as for helping to keep them in their mouth, no improvement whatsoever.

Here's a picture of Maddie with her kitty cat Wabbanub. Followed by a picture of John holding Maddie in the very first outfit I bought for the girls while I was still pregnant. It says, "Daddy is my Hero." Aw... cute.

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