Monday, February 25, 2008

A day in the kitchen

Today the girls took turns being chefs. Maddie started out with me in the kitchen this morning while Izzie was sleeping. I wanted to cook some meals for friends. I made 22 breakfast burritos for Stephanie who is on bedrest with twins and chicken and beef fajitas for Andrea who just had Aubree a week ago. Since I was on a roll, and the girls were happy I also made a big pot of tortilla soup for me and some pizza dough so we could have a pizza for dinner. Just as I was finishing up the girls got a bit fussy, but I wasn't complaining I got a lot accomplished this morning. I think Maddie is in a growth spurt because she wanted to eat every two hours today. So I ended up feeding her separate and they got off schedule a bit, which made for an afternoon of feeding babies. I think I have them back together again though. When John got home, I dropped off the fajitas off at Andrea's house. Then I got the girls in the stroller, grabbed the breakfast burritos and walked down to Stephanie's house. She enjoyed seeing the girls. It's cool to see twins when you are pregnant with twins. I know while I was pregnant when I saw twins, I just wanted to stare and imagine how it was going to be for me. She's excited to see her boys. I sat with her for an hour and then headed home. It was Izzie's turn to become a chef. She sat on the counter in the car seat and watched me make a pizza.

By this time, I'm exhausted. I think I over did it today, but it sure felt good to spend the morning in my kitchen.

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