Friday, February 15, 2008

Date night

Tonight is date night. My valentine asked me out on a date. We decided on tonight instead of yesterday for a few reasons. One it being Valentine's everything would be really crowded and we aren't the crowd kind of people. Two, John joined weight watchers and his weigh-in for his first week was last night. (He did really great!) We are going to Genghis Grill for dinner. John can get a meat free meal (it's lent and he's Catholic) and stay within his WW points. I need to start eating healthier. I am eating a lot of food because breastfeeding twins takes a lot of calories! But I need to start making those calories a bit healthier and a little less chocolately. But the girls are hoping for chocolate milk, so I keep trying! I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight, but then came to a screeching halt.

Cookin' Corner
Last night we had Grilled Tarragon Turkey Burgers. There has been a bit of a grill theme lately. We got a propane grill for Christmas and I love it. You can cook healthy and not get everything dirty in the kitchen.

Grilled Tarragon Turkey Burgers. (I cooked these once for Pepaw and he liked them. His quote was something like, "Now, don't get me wrong, they sure aren't a hamburger, but if you don't think of it like that, they are pretty tasty.")

Package of ground turkey meat
about a fourth of an onion finely diced
a handful of chopped parsley if you have it
about a tsp of dried tarragon (it's pretty powerful)
salt n' pepper to taste

Mix, form patties and grill. Serve on buns. I'd use mustard, but no ketchup.

Accompaniment: Grilled Potato Slices. Easy- slice potatoes in about 1/4" round slices. Spray with cooking oil, salt & pepper. Grill about 5 min each side. Very easy, very tasty.

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