Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cookin' corner

Family is constantly fussing at me for not being able to recreate recipes. You see, I cook on the fly and make it up as I go. I have some "recipes" that I sort of recreate, but ask anyone and you know you'll pretty much never have the same thing twice at my house. It's always a little different. So, my mom is always telling me to write down what I cook. I never do, because I figure I can't keep up with it. I thought about starting a new blog, but John said for me to add a Cookin' Corner to this one for when I feel like adding a recipe.

Last night I made "Cuban." Everyone knows I love Food Network. It's basically my soap opera channel. I watch it every day. The other day one of the chefs made a Cuban meal. I guess it stuck in my mind because at the grocery store I saw a plantain. I've never eaten one, much less cooked with one, but thought I'd try it out. So I made grilled pork chops, fried plantains and black beans. I know it's not authentic without the white rice, but I left that out this time around.

Grilled Pork Chops- Easy enough. I marinated them over night in Tequila Lime Marinade. (Again, not authentic, but it was a Cuban inspired meal.) Put on Grill
Black Beans- Chopped onion, celery & garlic. Spices: cumin & oregano. Add can of Black beans and cook. Smash up some of them for thickness.
Fried Plantains- Cut up and fry.

It was a very easy meal that was fun.

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Nana said...

That's a good idea. Is there a way to tag your blog with keywords for an index? Even if the only two topics are babies and cookin' - Then you could choose cooking and get all the entries.

I've been looking for a good "shareware" cookbook program (for my Mac) to keep the few specific recipes I want to keep up with. I'm still mad about that yummy soup recipe I lost and can't recreate.