Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby shower

This morning I went to a friends baby shower. Stephanie lives around the block and she's having twin boys. I'm so excited! She's a little past 32 weeks. Her boys will be here soon! Of course we all hope she goes for as long as possible. Anyway, we had a good time, she got a lot of cute clothes and the baby swing she registered for. Her daughter Gracie (who I believe is 2.5) was adorable. She got a shirt that said, I'm the BIG sister. She also had a double baby stroller that she could push around her baby dolls in. I thought that was cute.

My girls have been angels today. Maddie has been a big sleepyhead today, but when she's been awake she's been happy. Izzie wants to be held, but she's very alert. She is watching everything around her. She started reaching out for her toys.

Speaking of toys, Grandma Bettie sent each of the girls some money for Valentines Day and I bought some toys and clothes for each of the girls. They say, "Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!"

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