Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where did my preemies go?

Well the girls are no longer preemies. Tomorrow they are 6 weeks old, which puts them one week after their 40 week due date. And amazingly enough this last week, they have been acting like full term infants. They are opening their eyes, they are much more interested in tummy time, they aren't sleeping all the time. They still sleep most of the time, but like I said, now they do other things too. This morning they spent some time on their backs at their "jungle gym" and both girls actually hit the little critters that hang in front of them. I don't think they did it on purpose, but they were waving their arms out and they hit the duck and the lady bug. Their eyes got big when they actually made contact! It was cute. But all that wiggling and tummy time can wear a girl out, so they are both napping right now. Izzie is napping in the Moby wrap and Maddie is content in her crib.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I've noticed that the girls are becoming a bit more alert. They still spend most of the day sleeping, but now between feedings they are waking up for a few minutes and aren't hungry. Before, if they woke up, then it was time to eat. Today I carried Izzie around in the baby wrap for the morning. They both love being next to me. It usually puts them right to sleep, but sometimes they just sit there and watch me. Then this afternoon Maddie woke up after a feeding and we spent some time playing. I held objects up for her and she is starting to "track" them with her eyes. I spent some time reading to her and she liked listening to the sound of my voice. She kept her eyes open the whole time. Izzie was sound asleep during all of this. Now, it's after dinner and I have Maddie in the wrap. Izzie was sleeping but as I'm typing this she is starting to fuss. John's about to go up and he can spend some time cuddling with her.

It's funny, but somehow the girls know how to time their afternoon feeding just in time for Daddy to get home and change their diapers. It's funny, because he doesn't come home at the same time, and yet they seem to time it just right. Today he called me as I was feeding the girls and he said he was on his way home. He said, "well it looks like you'll be done by the time I get home." Well, Izzie decided to take her time eating. She was still eating when John got home. He just laughed, and got Maddie and went to change her diappie. Then I gave Izzie a quick little bath because somehow she got milk ALL over her! My girls are what I call "enthusiastic" eaters. I figure that's a polite term for it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our first walk

Today, we went on our first family walk. John and Ripley took the pictures. Although the kitties, Jake and Travis, opted to stay at home in the warm. The weather was warmer today so we wanted to go for a walk. Well by the time we finished feeding the girls, getting them dressed, getting them in the stroller and getting Ripley ready, it was much cooler outside! So we only went around the block. The girls seemed to enjoy it though. Every time we hit a line in the sidewalk the stroller bounced and Izzie smiled. Although they both slept through their first walk.

Just cute

Just some cute pictures. Maddie is in the middle pic and Izzie is in the bottom one. They are just rocking in their swings. Today they get to spend the afternoon with Daddy, since I'm going to a baby shower for my neighbor Andrea.

We went on a date!

John and I got to go on our first date since the girls were born. John had yesterday off, so my mom came over to watch the girls and we went to lunch. John took me to a little Mexican restaurant that he'd been to with some co-workers. It was called Casa Milagro. It was so good! It's not a chain restaurant and the food was pretty authentic. Either way, it was nice to spend some quality time with my hubby.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday, already?

This week had flown by! I can't believe it's already Thursday! It's been a good week. We had some really good nights, and some not so good nights. Last night the girls woke up a lot, but a few nights ago we got a 4 hour stretch and a 4.5 hour stretch. I guess you take the sleep when you get it! I slept till 9 am this morning because I was up so much through the night.

Last night my sister Rhonda came over to see the girls. She was awesome with them, cuddling Izzie when she got fussy. She even changed the dirty diapers. Considering she used to work in the baby room at a daycare, I knew she'd be great with them! She's always been awesome with kids. Mom came over to and we grilled some hamburgers. I love my grill! We got it as an early Christmas present and it has come in so handy.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Today was the girls first ever art project. I painted one foot and one hand on each girl and did prints for the baby book. I wanted to do extra sets for Grandparents, but it was hard enough to get those done! The girls didn't like art class today. I told them that in the future they were really going to appreciate that I took the time to make their prints, so they can see how tiny their hands were. Izzie's hand print is more of a hand smear, but it IS her very first attempt at art, so we'll let it slide! Maddie's foot print went outside of the lines... she's already breaking the rules!

One month picture

Here is Madeline and Isabelle at one month old.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Uncles and aunts and cousins, oh my!

Okay, finally rounded up pictures of all the Aunts and Uncles. Well at least the 1st aunts and uncles and cousin! On top we have my sister Aunt Rhonda. Then a picture of John's younger sister Aunt Dana, followed by her new husband Uncle Cody sitting with Nanny. Next up is Julie's husband Uncle Chris. Last is John's oldest sister Aunt Julie and the girls' cousin Sammy. Hope everyone can follow that!

One month old

Izzie and Maddie are one month old today! When they wake up next I'm going to take some more pictures but this morning they were laying in their crib so peacefully that I snuck this picture of them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

To Grandma's house we go

Today was Madeline and Isabelle's first trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house! When we got there Uncle Cody and Aunt Dana were there too. (Pictures are Dana, Grandma, Maddie and Izzie and then a picture of Grandma holding a very tired Maddie.)

After we were there for a bit Grandpa showed up with Nanny. Then Uncle Chris, Aunt Julie and cousin Sammy came over too. It was a busy day for the girls. They got so much lovin'. They were held the whole time we were there visiting.

I have more pictures I'll post tomorrow. I'm so tired today! We started the day with a baptism class that the parents and godparents have to take. Then we went to Grandma's house. When we got home from that visit, Nana came over to have an impromptu Chinese take-out dinner with us. It's 8:22 and if I didn't have a feeding at 9, I would have been in bed at eight!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Four Thursdays old

Today Maddie and Izzie are 4 weeks old! Now, mom and I had a debate about whether or not they were 1 month old. They were born on a Thursday and this is the 4th one, but they were born on the 20th, and that isn't until Sunday. So, today they are four Thursday's old! They are old enough now that they think night is day and day is night. Actually they still sleep most of the time, but they are sleeping for longer periods in the day and wanting to eat more at night. Last night we tried sleeping to music since they are used to noise during the day. It didn't work too well. We'll figure it out eventually. It could be the thrush that is making Maddie more antsy.

Splish Splash Taking a Bath!
This morning the girls took a bath with me! (One at a time!) I put them in their bouncies next to the bathtub and I got to enjoy a soaky bath (nice!) while they slept in their diapies and a towel. Then I took one and bathed her with me, then the other. Drying them off while leaning over the tub and trying to re-diaper them in the bouncies was tricky, but doable. My girls LOVE bath time. I hope they keep up this trend. I supported their heads and let them float in the water. Both of them just relaxed and enjoyed it. So cute! I can't wait until they are old enough to go swimming.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

uh oh

Icky! Last night I noticed white bumps on Maddie's tongue. They were still there in the morning so I called the doctor. Sure enough, Maddie has thrush, which is a yeast infection in a baby's mouth. Poor sweetheart! Luckily it doesn't seem to be effecting her too badly though. Now we just want to try and make sure that Izzie doesn't get it! Maddie will be on medicine 4x day for 2 weeks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

We three

John is back at work today. Of course, last night had to be a rough night. It wasn't too bad, but the girls were a bit fussy and wanted to eat more often, so we were up a bit more than usual. So far the morning has gone well. The girls have been sleeping soundly. Of course since it's the middle of the day and not night. Why do babies tend to get this confused? My first feeding "session" by myself went pretty darn smoothly. I was very worried, but it worked! John and I did a few "trial" runs last week; where he was there to help if needed but I tried to do it by myself.

I've actually done some laundry and some cleaning today too. I think with John back at work, and I'm feeling better it is beginning to feel like life is back to normal with some added bonuses! The biggest change I've felt so far is not being able to hop in the car and run to the store real quick, or just to "get out of the house." Also this morning, I've been sorting through the girls clothes and dividing them up by size. They have so many adorable outfits! Seriously I've only bought 2 jean skirts (they were just TOO precious) and a onsie that says "Daddy is my Hero." Everything else was generous gifts! Thanks everyone!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Identical, we are!

The girls are wearing their first identical outfits! We got a ton of matching 0-3 mo, but didn't have many matching preemie clothes. (Aunt Rebbecca bought us some yesterday though!) Can you tell who is who? I'm starting to be able to tell them apart. I tried getting a picture of them both facing front, but you take what you can get! I don't plan on dressing them in matching outfits for most of the time. It'll be fun sometimes, but it makes life much easier if you can just glance at the outfit and see who you are holding. Especially in low light at night time. Last night I was holding Maddie for 20 minutes thinking it was Izzie before I figured it out. It was 2 in the morning and I was tired. Okay... give up? Maddie is on the left and Izzie is on the right! Who got it right? Daddy is holding Izzie in the 3rd picture. On the play mat Izzie is in green and Maddie is in purple.

Models already

My Unka D and Auntie R came to see the girls yesterday and they had their first photo shoot. Well actually they came to Dallas to pick up some birds, since that is a hobby of Unka D's, but we will pretend they came to see their Great-Nieces. Anyway, Unka D is a professional photographer and he took some portraits of the girls with John and I. I can't wait to see them! I'm mad at myself because I forgot to get a picture of him and Rebbecca holding the girls! I want to get pictures with all their relatives, but I keep forgetting to.

John and I think that the girls have hit their first growth spurt. There have been several feedings now that have barely made it 2 hours apart. That's most harsh in the middle of the night! It varies, sometimes they go 3.5 hours and sometimes 2. If I leave the house to go to the grocery store or something I try to be back in time for a 3 hour spaced feeding, which isn't usually a problem. And John does have stored milk in a pinch.

John goes back to work tomorrow! I'm nervous about my first day alone with the girls. I know it will be fine, but John is SUCH a huge part of everything right now. I'll have to make up some of my own routines, because he's been integral to everything we do right now. And for awhile (until I can take the girls out with me) all my shopping will have to be done when he gets home from work. Of course I have Nana right down the road and Grandma just a phone call away! What a huge relief to know backup is so close by.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lunch outing

Today I got to eat in a restaurant for the first time since the girls were born! Mom came by right after a feeding and took me to lunch. It was nice to get out of the house. We went to Friday's. I think I must have talked about the girls during the whole lunch, but then again, I don't have much else to talk about these days.

When I got home there was a package on my doorstep from my Dad and Lynda. The girls got a ton of cute clothes! I love all the frilly outfits. I had to promptly feed them right after I walked in the door. When your life is 3 hour chunks, it sure goes fast! After their mid-afternoon lunch, I got out the Moby Wrap again. Izzie needed some extra cuddle time today so, I wrapped her to me. It is much easier to carry one in it that two! The girls will have take turns I suppose. They'll have plenty of that during their lives. Anyway, Izzie fell INSTANTLY asleep as soon as I had her snuggled up against me.

I got a call from Kim, someone who I met at a PAMOM meeting. (That's Plano Area Mom's of Multiples) She had her babies a couple of weeks ahead of me. It was fun to talk to someone who is going through the same sleep deprivation twin things as me! We got to swap stories and see what works for each of us. She has boy/girl twins Sebastian and Cambry. I have another friend (Ashley) that delivered twins a few days behind me, her girl/girl twins are named Lila and Zella. And right around the block is a friend (Stephanie) that is pregnant with boy/boy twins due in April! We'll have some fun playdates in the future! Directly across the street my friend Andrea is pregnant with a little girl. It's fun to know so many people with kids around the same age as mine. Not to mention that my sister-in-law, Julie is due with her second baby in April, so my girls will have a cousin that is a few months younger than them!

Well enough ramblings for the day.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

3 weeks old

Wow, how time flies. The girls are three weeks old today. Tomorrow would be 38 weeks gestation and if the girls hadn't decided to come early Jan 11th would have been their birthday. (38 weeks is considered full term for twins.) But instead they came early and now are three weeks old. Even though they are still tiny, they really have made a huge difference since they were born. They are opening their eyes for a bit longer at a time. They are feeding better and better each day. They are more alert in general. It's really subtle things, but I can see how much they've developed already.

Today my friend Robert Popp came by to see the girls. He got to hold Maddie and give her a bottle. For some reason Maddie wasn't hungry at the early morning feed time, so we wanted to give her a bottle to make sure she would eat good this time. She ate fine, I guess this morning she just wasn't hungry! Anyway, so Robby got to see the girls, and the nursery. It was good seeing him too. He's getting married next Saturday!! GO POPP!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wiggle Time

For those who do not know the joys of wiggle time, let me share. Before each feeding the girls enjoy "wiggle time." We get unwrapped from our baby burritos and lay on the bed and wiggle to our hearts content. Sometimes I try to take pictures during this oh so enjoyable experience. Today, since the girls were wearing one of their "fancier" outfits, I tried taking a few extra pictures. After eating I put the girls back in their co-sleeper (bassinet) and they looked so adorable! Izzie is in the pink outfit and Maddie is in the white outfit.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cute pic of Izzie

Who's who- grandparents

Nana- My mom
Grandma & Grandpa- John's parents
Pepaw- My grandfather (who I also call Pepaw)
Grandma Bettie- The girls great-grandma, my Dad's mom.
Mema- The girls great-grandma, my Mom's mom.
Nanny- The girls great-grandma, John's Mom's mom.
Popo- My Mom's fiancee

I have a picture of Grandpa Jimmy, the girls Great-Grandpa, my Dad's dad, I need to find it!

I need a picture of my Dad & Lynda the girls other Grandpa & Grandma!

These girls sure have a lot of grandparents! Next I'll try to round up pictures of aunts, uncles and cousin!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Moby wrap

I decided to get out the Moby wrap that Mema bought me for Christmas. I wanted this one because you can carry twins in it when they are still small. It wasn't that hard to get them into it. They look squished, but I guess they are used to that! They didn't wake up even when I put them in the wrap and was jostling them around. Now they are sound asleep.

The first picture is with me wearing the Moby Wrap. Maddie is on the left and Izzie is on the right.

The second picture is Maddie and Izzie in their limo stroller with Dr. Watkins, who delivered them just over two weeks ago!

The last picture is the girls watching tv with their dad. Izzie is on the left, Maddie on the right.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Big adventures

Today I had a mini-checkup with my doctor and we had to get the two week newborn screen done at the hospital. So far, the two trips out of the house with the babies was to their doc which is literally 5 min down the road. Which was no big deal. This time took a little more planning. We were able to feed them right before we left. Then we took off for the hospital which is about 30-40 minutes away. My doc visit only took 5 min (it was just a blood pressure follow-up) and Dr. Watkins got to see the girls again. Then I went to the hospital gift shop to buy some more preemie hats (we can't find them anywhere else!) I also got to ask the lactation consultant a few questions I had.

Finally we went downstairs to the outpatient lab. We were told there was a 30 minute wait just to register! Geez. So we sat around. Maddie and Izzie were very content to sleep in their carseats so all was well. It was getting to be close to their next meal by this time, so I was worried they were going to start crying. When we finally got called back to register; lucky us, got a new trainee. So we had someone over her shoulder walking her through each step. Of course we had to do the paper work twice for the two girls. It took 45 minutes to register!! The bloodwork test only took 5 minutes when we were allowed back to the labs. Both girls did so good! They slept until it was time to prick their heel. That wasn't fun for mom or dad. Or them, I imagine! After the test, the lab tech showed us to a "Mother's Room" where we were able to feed our hungry little girls. Overall the whole experience went really well. Our diaper bag had everything we needed (including a snack and water for me.) The girls slept most of the time. And John and I somehow kept our patience with the new girl who took FOREVER to register us.

Now we are home and Nana (my mom) is bringing us dinner tonight. Yummy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More pictures!

Pictures are as follows:
Izzie & Maddie sleeping
Maddie's foot
Me 13 days post partum in pre-pregnancy clothes!!!!
(Maddie was being a camera hog!)

2nd well baby visit

The girls went in for their second well baby visit today. The doc said they are doing perfectly! Izzie gained 5 oz in 5 days and Maddie gained 4 oz in 4 days! This puts them just back above their birth weights which is awesome. They both have newborn rash, which isn't anything unusual. It sort of looks like ant bites, but the doc said it doesn't itch or bother them and it will clear up on its own. Maddie lost her cord last night. Izzie's will soon follow. The doc put silver nitrate on Maddie's belly button to help it heal up a bit faster. Now we have to go to Plano Presby for their 2nd newborn screening. Since I have a follow up appointment for myself on Friday, we are going to all go on a family field trip! That way Dr. Watkins can see the two girls she delivered.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 is here. My original due date was January 25th. That was before we found out we were having twins. Then my "Twin" due date was January 11th. Amazing to think that I could still be pregnant! But my girls wanted to be born in December. The day they were born, December 20th was their Great Grandpas birthday.

John has a cold, so he's trying to stay away from the girls as much as possible. He's been wearing a face mask and washing his hands 50 million times a day. Nana has been helping with some of the feedings. I'm now breastfeeding them both, so there really isn't much for another person to do, except diappie changes.

Both of the girls are getting less scared of their arms. When they were first born, since they didn't have much control, they'd scare themselves with flailing limbs. We've been doing "wiggle" time. Before each feeding we unwrap them and let them squirm around. If they get scared, we just talk, and guide their hands a bit. It seems to be working, because, now if they get a hand free from their wrap, they don't always scream.

It's amazing all the little changes that can take place in the space of 12 days. It's also amazing that it's been 12 days since birth, the time has flown by. Twelve days on bedrest was a lot longer, believe me. They are so tiny and precious, I want them to stay this way forever, but I also look forward to all the amazing growth and fun we will have in the future too.