Friday, December 7, 2007

What a morning

Well today didn't go like planned. You see, I had all these exciting plans. Videoing the kitties, trying on my baby sling and finishing up the last of my Christmas cards. That isn't what happened. My fingers were so swollen this morning they looked like little sausages and my face was all puffy too. Since it was Friday, I decided to call the Dr. I was worried because I'd read on the internet that if you get puffy too fast it could be high blood pressure. I didn't want to spend my whole weekend worrying about it.

Sure enough, Dr. Watkins wanted me to come in and get checked out. I also told her that the girls weren't moving as vigorously as usual. So she wanted to have them monitored too. Well, my blood pressure is fine, yay! Everything else checked out good for me too. So I went across the hall to Dr. Albert's office and he did a sonogram to check everything out. The girls are doing beautifully. He didn't do a weight approximation because it was too close to my last visit. Then they hooked me up to the heartbeat monitors and I sat with them on for about 10 minutes. Again, everything was normal. So now I can have a nice weekend without worrying that I'm going to explode from high blood pressure. Although, I still feel like the marshmallow man.

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