Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two days old

The girls are two days old today. They are doing so great! Even the doctors and nurses are commenting that they are surprised they are doing as well as they are for being born so early. They were born at 34 weeks 6 days which makes them preemies. But they are doing a great job of maintaining their body temperature and they are eating well. They are very happy content little babies. We are learning how preemies differ from full term babies. For instance, a full term baby can deal with being passed around and lots of people and noise, but preemies need things to be more like the womb. They need it to be a bit darker, quieter and very little stimulus. Our nurses keep reminding us that even though our girls didn't have to go to NICU, they are preemies. They are doing so well, it's easy to forget though!

Right now Izzie, Maddie and Daddy are all sound asleep. I just woke up from a nap. We've gotten in a pretty good routine here at the hospital. I'm feeling better from my surgery and am able to walk around the room a bit. Actually I even took a walk down to the nurses station and back! Woo hoo! LOL. I've got to get used to my weight distribution again. Since I don't have to waddle with 10lbs of baby in me any more!

We've been taking pictures, and as soon as I can, I'll upload some more.

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Nicole Tucker said...

Take care of yourself - rest & recover. Don't push yourself too hard. You have a long but fun road ahead the next couple of weeks...well, years really!
Wishing you and John all the best!