Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sweet nursery for two

It's so exciting seeing the nursery start to come together! It started a few months ago when I saw a show on HGTV. They did a paint job similar to what I chose. I absolutely loved it and the next day I was off to pick out paint colors. We didn't know the sex of the babies yet, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! Finally I decided to wait just a little bit, because if they were going to be girls, I wanted some pink in there. So instead I started taping off the walls. That was a project in itself. By the time I was finished taping, we knew that we were having girls! So I got to pick out paint colors.

The crib was next. I decided to go with white to match the white stripes, although I was looking at black furniture for awhile. Mom bought the cribs for the girls. Right now we have one downstairs. We are going to use this for nap times until they get big enough to sleep in their own cribs. Mema bought the dresser. It is so pretty! I think the girls will grow into it pretty good. Once we started putting baby stuff in the room, it all started to seem so real! Now it needs a few more decorations and some occupants.

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