Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I always thought I'd feed my baby by demand, but with twins a schedule is definitely in the works. We are being flexible with it though. For instance our goal is to have our next feeding at noon, but if they show hunger signs before or after we go with that. We do have to be careful not to go too long, because preemies sometimes sleep so hard they don't give hunger cues. And we need our girls to grow big and strong! Actually both Maddie and Izzie are pretty good at letting us know when they are hungry. But part of the scheduling is, if one is hungry then the other eats too. If we didn't keep them eating together life would just not work. It takes both John and I to get through a feeding "session."

Last night Izzie was a bit fussy, but she finally calmed down. I was telling John that they've been spoiling us since they aren't fussy babies in general. But after midnight Izzie decided she just needed some extra cuddle time. Which was fine, how can you turn down that cute little face? She was opening her eyes some and when she looks up at you, you can't help but melt.

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