Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No sleep

Dec. 12, 2007
I've been having trouble sleeping lately. It's getting so hard to find a comfortable position. The other day, before I really thought about it, I said to Mom, "I can't wait to have these girls so I can get some sleep." As soon as I said it I burst out laughing. Like having two babies is a solution for a good nights sleep! I decided that the sleep I was getting now will be remembered fondly in a few weeks!

Now, last night was an exception. I don't think I'll ever remember it fondly. (Except for how wonderful John was!) Yikes was I in some pain. Apparently when you get pregnant your pelvic bones start to separate. For some women this is mild discomfort, for others it's more of a slight pain. For a select few of us, it can bring tears. I had a sharp pain in my hip last night that I can't even begin to explain. I knew it wasn't contractions, so I didn't call the doctor. I didn't think anyone could do anything about it. John was awesome. He kept giving me massages and talking to me to try to get me to relax and breathe. We played Go Fish at about one in the morning. Anything to keep me distracted. Finally around 2:30am I realized that when I sat up in the chair instead of laying down, the pain would subside. I spent the rest of the night sitting in my rocking chair. I was so sleepy, I actually fell asleep sitting up. I woke up this morning feeling much better, and I can even lay down again. I sure hope this isn't a reoccurring incident!

I spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon playing with the Nintendo DS. John bought a game called Brain Age that is supposed to make you smarter. It's pretty fun. It's been a rainy day, perfect for just taking it easy and getting an extra nap in. John came home from work a little early today and crashed on the couch for a bit. We are both pretty tired. I guess pregnancy is like mini-practice for what's to come. So far it's taught me patience, endurance, how to rely on others and more patience.

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