Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just an average Saturday

Our average Saturdays will forever be different. Actually is today even Saturday? Our life has been broken down into 3 hour chunks since the girls were born. We can't remember the day of the week much less the date! But we are loving it. Today I got out the bouncies that Grandma bought and let the girls try them out. They are still to young for too much stimulation so we just sat in them, with no vibration. The girls were so content that I was finally able to get their little bracelets on that I had made them. Izzie's is pink and Maddie's is purple. Now we just have to hope they stay on! We spent about 20 minutes in the bouncies, mostly sleeping.

We got a report back from the doc yesterday about the jaundice levels. Madeline's has gotten slightly better! But Izzie's was a tiny bit worse. The doc isn't worried, we are just supposed to sit in a window for about an hour a day, soaking up the rays. We have a little space heater to keep us extra warm during that time.

Daddy is holding Maddie in the first picture. Izzie is in the middle and Maddie is on the bottom.

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