Friday, December 28, 2007

First doctor's appointment

Today was our first doctors appointment. It was also the girls first trip out of the house. Both the doctors visit and the trip went beautifully. We had a 10:15 appointment so right after our 9:00 feeding session we bundled Izzie and Maddie up and left for the doc's. Now I'm really glad we chose a doctor that is only 5 minutes down the road! Their weight is up from when we were discharged from the hospital. They are only about 3oz from their birth weight, which is right on schedule. We are checking their jaundice levels too, but the results haven't come in yet. Now the girls are sleeping soundly after their busy morning. They did not like having their feet pricked. They cried and cried. I had a hard time not taking them away. A mommy doesn't like hearing her baby cry from pain! We all survived though. We go back next Wed for their 2 week check up where I hear there is even more heel pricking.

(Daddy is holding Maddie in the first picture. Izzie is in the second picture and Maddie is in the third picture.)

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