Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The day we found out...

Dec. 11, 2007
I figured I should write about the day we found out we were having twins. It's one of those days I don't think we will ever forget. I was 12 and half weeks along. The day was July 19, 2007. I was scheduled to have an appointment with Dr. Watkins. Since she was just setting up her new location and didn't have an ultrasound machine yet, she had me get an appointment with Dr. Albert across the hall for earlier that day. Well his office called and he was out sick. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to our first ultrasound. I went to my appointment with Dr. Watkins that afternoon. She was using the doppler machine to try to find the baby's heartbeat and was having a hard time. I was scheduled to go to San Jose in a few days and didn't want to spend my vacation worrying about not hearing the heartbeat. So she called a friend of hers and got me an appointment with him. The only thing was, he was about a 40 minute drive from where I was and he said he could see me if I got there in 30 minutes. Yikes!

So I jump in the car and call John. He really wanted to be there for the ultrasound. He'd just walked in the door at home. His truck was on empty and he was about 40 minutes away from Dr. Weiss's office too! He said he'd do what he could to get there. We both made it in time. Then the doctor hands me a stack of papers to fill out. I was so exasperated. I just wanted to know if my "baby" was okay!! Finally we get back to the room and I get on the table for the ultrasound. He picks up the wand, places it on my belly and two babies showed up on the screen. I gave a little nervous laugh. I was thinking to myself, "Is that REALLY two babies? Or am I not reading the machine correctly?"

Dr. Weiss then says, "Well we don't have one heartbeat, we have two!" John and I didn't say anything at first. I kept asking if he was sure. Then I asked if he could tell if they were identical or fraternal. They were too little to find out the sex, but he did say they were identical. I was SO excited. I'd always wanted twins. I couldn't believe it. John was super excited too. We both were in shock and stayed that way for at least two weeks following the news.

When we left the docs office we immediately started calling friends and family. John's parents were out of town and we had a hard time reaching them. My mom just started screaming she was so excited. Finally when we got a hold of Jackie and Tom, we forgot to ask if they were driving... oops! Tom took a wrong exit he was so distracted! All in all, it was a terrific day.


Nicole Tucker said...

It's so funny because I remember our conversation perfectly that day! I was sitting at my desk at work when you called. You said you had your first ultrasound and as soon as he put the wand on your stomach you saw the babieS. And, I immediately caught it but stopped myself to question it. I thought for sure I had heard you wrong. But then I thought – “no, Amanda wouldn't have made that kind of mistake.” But, just to be sure I asked "babieS?!" And you said "yes! Babies! We're having TWINS!"
It’s a good thing it was about 7 at night and my office was mostly empty because I got so excited I’m sure I screamed. I can still remember know I was so happy and excited for you both.
It did take a while for the realization to set in. For a couple weeks after you would still say “baby” and I’d have to say “ah, babies!” I think you were in shock still. :P And, you hoped for and had waited so long, you were so excited to have one but were blessed with two!

Nana said...

I'll never forget that day either. It was supposed to be a routine appointment with Dr. Watkins; so routine that John didn't even bother to go. I expected a call from you when the appt was over to give me an update.

When you called from Dr Watkins' office I could hear the panic in your voice. You were on the verge of tears telling me she couldn't hear the heart beat and she'd sent you to have a sonogram at some other place but it was far away and you had called John but he was already at home and you wanted him to be there. I remember telling you to calm down, it's gonna be ok. Just get in the car and get over there, John would get there as soon as he can. I said if you get there before they close the office, maybe they'd wait until John gets there.... but you need to get the sonogram, so just get there! BUT DRIVE SAFE, DON'T HAVE AN ACCIDENT! Take a deep breath. Don't cry, just get off the phone and get there safely, it'll be ok, call me as soon as you get through.

I immediately called memaw and said, Mom, Amanda's at the doctor and they can't hear the baby's heart beat. She's been sent to get a sonogram and I'm freaking out. Momma said, "Calm down. It's gonna be ok. Take a deep breath and tell me what's going on." I told her the details and she started talking about babies in general and generally kept my mind off of the clock.

It seemed like hours before you called back but as soon as I answered, I knew it was ok. You had this funny tone to your voice as you ask me, "Mom, you know how you said you wanted to buy the crib for the nursery?" Yea, I said - thinking what the heck? Tell me how the sonogram went. What was the problem, why couldn't Dr Watkins hear the heartbeat. Then you said, "Wellllllll, could you buy us TWO cribs?" What? At this point I was totally confused. Two? What? Why? You burst out giggling and said "We're having TWINS!" OMG!!!

I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea. Oh my goodness. Twin grandbabies? TWINS? TWO? Oh, my. I remember screaming. I remember saying it over and over.... REALLY? Twins?

I wish I were a fly on the wall when you and John looked at that sonogram screen and even before the doctor said anything you saw two babies. The look on your faces must have been hilarious.

Couple of months later and I'm still having moments of "Really? For real? Twins? Are you sure?"