Tuesday, December 4, 2007

About me and my blog

Well you found my little corner of the internet. I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you enjoy reading about my twin girls and the things we do. I started this blog when I was on bed rest with the girls. It has turned into my (almost) daily journal. I welcome and love comments, so stop and chat with me. I am turning my blog into books using Blurb. Please keep in mind that my ultimate audience is my girls so that they have something to read when they are having their own kids (in the very distant future!)

A little about me:
I'm 32 years old. I am married to a wonderful husband, John. I have identical twin girls, Madeline and Isabelle who were born Dec 20, 2007. I'm a stay at home mom and a freelance graphic artist. We are about to start a new chapter to our lives. My husband just got a job in Washington state so we are leaving Texas, the only state I've ever called home to start a new adventure in the Portland, Oregon area. I look forward to it!


Tai_hanson said...

Hi Amanda,

I am a casting assistant for the TLC show Home Made Simple. We are in our final stretch of casting in the Dallas area but are looking for a few more families to round out our selection. Here is a little blurb about the casting call. If you would like the official flyer, please e-mail me at tai_hanson@yahoo.com Please extend this to anyone you may think is interested. Thank you.

TLC’s hit lifestyle makeover show Home Made Simple is casting our 7th and 8th seasons in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and Dallas areas.
Do you need help (or do you know someone who needs help):
Creating a “house” that feels more like a “home?”
Organizing a cluttered room?
Creating time-saving and healthy, nutritious, and yummy meals?
Organizing and creating a home based event: a birthday party, a wedding reception, pot-luck supper, family reunion?
Do you have an unusual career that’s getting in the way of your home?
Are you on the verge of a life-changing event that may alter your home life?
Do you work from home or need to set up a home office?
HOME MADE SIMPLE is the show with simple and easy solutions to your everyday domestic challenges. Our series is based on the easy home-style principles featured on the popular homecare website www.homemadesimple.com.
Traveling around the country, our handyman, designer, and chef work together with families to devise simple solutions for easy living by sprucing up d├ęcor, tackling simple handyman projects, and creating quick and easy meals for the entire family!
If this is you or if you know someone who could benefit from our “Home Mavens” expertise, then we want to hear from you. If you own your home, have an interesting story to tell, and are between the ages of 25 to 45, please email us a brief bio about yourself, a picture of your family and your house to HomeMadeSimple2010@yahoo.com . Now is your chance to be a part of our exciting TV show and get the help you need.

Ruth Dorst said...

Hi Ladies,
    My name is Ruthie and I am somewhat new to this mommy thing. When my daughter was 3 months old I found the need for something that could help me bottle feed her on long car rides and while doing the zillion other things one must do while mommying. ! When I could not find anything that seemed safe, I made my own. I have since been selling the Bottle Sling through my website at BottleSlings.com.This product is so helpful and I would love to share it with other moms because anything that makes life easier with a baby is a good thing! I can only imagine how much this product would help with feeding multiples. As veterans of the parenting world, I was wondering if you would review my product and tell me what you think. Check out my website BottleSlings.com and I will send you a sample  if you are interested. Thanks for your consideration!

Ruth Dorst

Heather Steele said...

Hi Amanda, I came across your blog looking for info on the Pirate's Cove Park in Wylie. You have a great photo of the park and I was wondering if I could use it on a kids directory site (With citation of coarse). 
The image is here http://kidsonthetown.net/reviews/pirates-cove-playground-founders-park-wylie/ -- if you'd prefer I use something else just let me know and I will gladly take it down. 

By the way, your blog layout is super cute! Did you design it? Drop me an email at heather@kidsonthetown:disqus.net about the photo!