Monday, December 10, 2007

3 and half more days

Dec. 10, 2007
I get off bed rest in 3 and half more days! I can't wait until I can go downstairs and eat at a table again! I wish I could go shopping. But even though I'll be off bed rest, I won't be able to cook, clean or drive. I'm not sure I'd even fit behind a steering wheel these days!

I've definitely got that nesting instinct going through me though. I want everything just perfect for when the girls arrive! I keep thinking that if things don't get done before the girls are born, then they won't ever get done. Which of course, isn't true. And so what if we don't have a diaper pail right now. We can make do with an old fashioned trash can for awhile. No changing pad! What did people ever do before changing pads? We've got the basics. We've got clothes, blankets, diapers and itty bitty socks. Of course we have the car seats. They won't let us take them home without the car seats. That was my very first baby purchase months ago. They'll be fine until we can flesh out the rest of the stuff we need. Plus, we'll learn what we really need and don't.


Nana said...

Are you sure that John didn't have a budget discussion with the doctor that triggered this bed rest situation?

John: "Help doc! How can I keep her from shopping?"

Grandma said...

Remember Christmas is coming and Santa will be good to you!11