Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beginning of October

In what I hope is a realistic hope of getting this blog caught up, I'm posting photos from the first half of October all in one post. 

 My friend Hannukah was helping her mother move, so I asked if I could watch Esperanza for the day to help her out. I barley saw the girls except when they asked if they could have some lunch! They played hard!

 Well and they did ask if I could paint their nails. I got in on the nail painting action too.

 A little bit of dress up. Esperanza and Izzie.

 Jake "helping" me sew a dress for the girls.

 Melanie bought me this Texas shaped cookie cutter and on a whim, I made a egg with it. I should have cut the toast out too. The girls did not appreciate the coolness of eating Texas when the egg didn't cover all the bread. Oh well.

 Maddie made me a heart shaped necklace.

 After watching the Ironman movie, Izzie went straight to her room and drew this from memory. Impressive!
 Maddie modeling the dress I made. It was a dress for me, but I never wore it. I decided the print was just too busy. This came out okay, but not great. The fit wasn't perfect. I also made sleeves that have a princess opening. I'm still a novice at sleeve making so I was impressed that I got the shoulders to fit pretty well.
 Nice day to hangout on the front porch. The weather in the first part of October is still really nice up here.

 Izzie wanted to be a Vampire for Halloween, so I made her this cape. She wanted to pair it with a dress up gown she already owned. She was very specific in wanting a collar that turned up. Both girls wanted to be "Something scary" for Halloween this year.

 I was pretty impressed with how I got the collar to work.

 Marshall Park. Maddie especially, loves this tree.

 We often check out 50 or so books at a time at the library (and we go once almost once a week!) Well, carrying 50 books on your shoulders is a pain, and trying to get two six year olds to help isn't something one can count on. Enter the roller bag. We LOVE this library bag! It has made trips to the library so much more pleasant.

 Maddie modeling her Ghost costume. She wanted just a sheet over her head, but I figured she'd get hot or want the top off, so I made it two pieces and sure enough, she ran around in the bottom part a lot more than having the top on. But she did like her costume a bunch!

 I love how "ghostly" this photo came out as she zoomed across the hall.

 Maddie made a playground using her Miquon math rods.

 Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel please let down your hair!

Izzie scootering at the park. In nice weather, they are always barefoot. 


 Playing with a fun feature on my phone. Maddie running with a tree branch behind her.

I bought a new honey dispenser so that the girls could make their own yogurt in the morning. I think in the summer it'll be okay, but in the winter the honey gets hard and I still have to help to warm it up. But it's still a nice dispenser and I like to get the girls doing more and more in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More pictures with the Chenault's.

 Maddie taking her first spelling test.

 Izzie taking her first spelling test.

Words all spelled correctly, not to work on getting them facing the right direction.

 We pulled these blocks out for Genevieve to play with and they became fun and exciting for the girls all over again. Maddie and Izzie building a city.

 We opened this playdoh that my mom sent and thought that playdoh was packaging them differently. I was so excited thinking it was pretty cool. Then when I talked to Mom about it, she said that she opened the containers and made all the balls so that she could "play" playdoh with the girls across state lines. Awwww...

 Maddie opening the purple.

 Izzie about to go into her Ballet class. The girls were nervous because this was their first activity to sign up in different classes for.

 Maddie decided she wanted to stick with gymnastics while Izzie explored Ballet. The first couple sessions were rough, while they got used to being in classes without sissy.

 We took the Chenault's to OMSI. There's John, Maddie, Genevieve and Izzie.

 The sandbox area is always a hit.

 Maddie stole my hat.

 We went to dinner at Beaches, a restaurant on the Columbia River. After dinner, we walked out to the shore for a few pictures.

 They got these toy swords at the restaurant and were taking turns "knighting" each other.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Chenault's Visit

 John's friend John, his wife Carolyn and their adorable almost two year old Genevieve came to visit us.
Multnomah Falls is a popular tourist destination. It's a pretty amazing waterfall, with just a very short hike. Here Izzie is standing on a rock at the base of the trail, with Genevieve trying to climb up too.



 Multnomah Falls

 We gave the girls our old phones, factory reset so they are just cameras. Here Izzie is taking her own picture.

 Later that afternoon I took Carolyn and Genevieve to one of our favorite parks. Genevieve was so fast I didn't get any photos of her in focus and that is saying something because this one of Izzie swinging came out pretty cool.



 Maddie and Izzie working on a pirate ship drawing.
Finished ship.
 Maddie having some down time.


 Maddie and Izzie

 Awesome sunflowers that Carolyn bought me. She noticed that I had a bunch of sunflowers in my kitchen and figured they were my favorite. She was right!

 Daddy watching Izzie scale the walls.

 After eating dinner at Twilight Pizza we went to the Sandy Swimming Hole. Swimming season was over, but I wanted to show Carolyn this pretty spot. She had fun taking photos. Here Maddie, Izzie and Daddy are studying rocks to pick good ones for skipping.