Saturday, March 12, 2016

Art all around!

 Seedlings are growing in garden class!

 Izzie playing with the new baby chicks that Hanukkah got.

 Maddie and Treya.

 We are watching drawing videos and doing the exercises in the video. Today's lesson was to draw a shoe. Here's Izzie's sandal.

 I drew my boot.

 Maddie drew her flipflop and made sure to include the shadow.

 Maddie snuggling with Jake while reading a book.

 They got these rainbow looms I think when they were five but they weren't quite coordinated to use them. Even at 8, it's a challenge for some of the more difficult patterns. Izzie made a couple, but Maddie really got into it.


 Storytime at Janet's house.

 Maddie with her double buns.

 Maddie working on some math problems before bedtime.

 Art history today was talking about printing. We painted a thin layer of acrylic paint in a cookie sheet. Working quickly so the paint doesn't dry, we scratched out a picture using a toothpick. Then we pressed the paper, smoothed it out and peeled it up. Some results came out great and others, not so much. We want to try again after I get a smooth roller. The paintbrush left streaks.

 One of the better prints.

 Maddie made a rainbow's worth of loom bracelets.

 Homeschool group! It was raining, so we were stuck inside doing art.

 New dresses!

 To continue her rainbow theme, she painted her nails rainbow like.

Last indoor fire of the season maybe??

Monday, March 7, 2016

Boxes are still fun

I got a couple big boxes and asked the girls if they were too old to play in them. They said, "No way!" and proceeded to come up with lots of fun stories to go with their boxes.

At the park Maddie found these two feathers and I told her I'd try to identify them. I lucked out and figured out they were feathers from a Northern Flicker, which is also a bird that comes to our feeder! 

 Photo of a Northern Flicker.

 I haven't done a complete revel of the table that I stained, mostly because I still have to finish up the other two chairs!! But here is a sneak peak corner and the new buffet I bought with the pretty flowers John got me for my anniversary!

 Izzie and Maddie did all their school work this morning in boxes. It was fun and different.

 "Hey sissy, can I come over??"

 Izzie practicing her guitar.

 Maddie doing some reading homework with Jake.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy 13 Anniversary

 John and I on our honeymoon at Disneyworld. And now here we are across the continent 13 years later. I love the trip we've been on. It's been a great 13 years and now for our next several decades together!

 We don't normally exchange gifts on our Anniversary, instead we prefer to go to a fancy restaurant. So I was super surprised by this flower and balloon delivery!

 They smelled amazing and were so bright and pretty.

 The card was my favorite part. We went to a restaurant called Lapallah. It was high end well, multi cultural place. Their menu ranged from paella, ramen, steaks and even a fancy hamburger. We ordered the calamari appetizer and both of us exclaimed "Oh this is GOOD." After the first bite. We'll definitely have to go back there!


 My friend Hanukkah, offered to host a Gardening Class for the kids. This was our first session. They all planted seeds and talked about why a lot of people start seeds indoors.

 Maddie and Izzie

 Ezra, Esperanza, Maddie and Izzie.

 John and I have totally been into watching Doctor Who these past few months. The main character, is an alien time traveler from the planet Galifrey, who goes by the name The Doctor. The Galifreyan Alphabet is a combination of circles, dots and lines. And there are those on the internet who have made an English equivalent. And then there are those ( who thinks it is such a cool looking writing style that I literally took a month to make the above quote in the Galifreyan Alphabet as my own Anniversary gift to my hubs. I was so excited how it turned out. I had to translate each word and then make the words fit together in a sentence (each big circle is a sentence or part of a sentence.) Then I had to hook the sentences together. And then draw a final copy.


Monday, February 29, 2016

Blue skies and playdates

 Izzie and Maddie putting a US puzzle together. They like pointing out all the states they've visited/driven through/lived in. Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington! Even if some of these were just drive throughs, that's a lot of country these 8 year olds' have seen!

 This is the thumbprint bookmark Maddie made me. She said that since grown ups like kids handprints so much, she figured I'd probably really like a bunch of fingerprints. Oh how correct she is. Love my sweetie!!!

 Maddie showing off a girl she drew.

 Izzie doodled this on her dry erase desk. Looks a bit Goth to me!

 Julia and Ethan over for a lego playdate!

 Maddie at the park on a rare warm day.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Jake reading with John.

 Pretty blue skies. We've had lots of rain this season. Yay! I sincerely hope that means no fireban this summer! But it also means we appreciate sunbreaks that much more!

 Izzie trying to find a goo place to read. This wasn't it either, she only stayed here for a minute and then went somewhere else to read.

 Maddie built a windmill out of Tinkertoys.

 Izzie's self portrait.

Some of the ACE kiddos.