Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rewild June and Zoo Field Trip

 Our June Rewild Portland theme was Coyote. The kids went on a track hunt and they didn't end up finding coyote tracks they did find regular dog tracks, bird tracks and a set of otter tracks! They mixed up plaster to make a molding of some of the tracks.


 Maddie and one of the other girls from the class.

 Three of the counselors telling a story.

 Lunch time!

 The adults learned miniature basket weaving. this is about two inches across. It's so cute! I'm going to put a piece of holly and red berries in it and turn it into a Christmas ornament.

We really have enjoyed every homeschool day that we do with Rewild. The girls enjoyed their daycamp with them too. It's a really awesome non-profit company dedicated to teaching conservation, earth skills and respecting all aspects of nature. If anyone is looking for fun "experience" gifts for the girls and I, gift cards toward Rewild would be awesome. Peter knows us so I'm sure he could work out a gift card thing.

 The girl scouts voted on the Zoo as the place to use up the last of their cookie money and do their end of the year party. What a great choice! The zoo was pretty busy, but we managed to keep all the girls together and had a really great time.

There was a demo on different animal scat. They even had rubber examples. Some of the girls were still confused what Scat was so I said it's "POOP!" and they all giggled. The Zoo Volunteer (in purple) was not amused at me. But she kept saying, Scat this and Scat that and the younger girls were totally confused. But then they all got into the discussion and had fun matching the poop... uh... scat with the correct animal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day

 Izzie made Bunny a Rolling Chair out of popcicles sticks, cardboard and tape.

 Came into the kitchen after the girls had come through and found Bunny just hangin' out.

 Maddie and Izzie in the school room.

 One morning we couldn't find Ripley.  After looking for a while we found him sleeping in the guest room on a pile of pillows and a mattress pad.

 Izzie wrote this for John for Father's Day.


 I made this for John for Father's Day.

 Maddie and Izzie's room on one of those rare days that it's clean.

 Izzie is proud of her new canopy.


 Izzie skyping with Nanna.

 Izzie blew up this balloon all by herself and had Daddy tie it for her. She ran back to show it to me.

 John trying to pull Maddie's tooth. It ended up not being read to come out, which was really surprising since it was super loose!

He really tried but couldn't get it and Izzie got concerned. It ended up falling out a few days later and she didn't even know when or where it fell out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enchanted Forest

 My friend Liane and her two girls Rowan and Gracen invited us to go to a place called the Enchanted Forest. It is about an hour or so south of Portland. It turned out to be a really cool place! There was a long winding path that had little dioramas here and there of famous nursery rhymes. Like Little Ms. Muffet above. Through the eyes of a six year old, this place is magical.

 The girls peeking in on the seven dwarfs.

 A Shoe Slide.

 There was also a live performance included in the ticket price and it was actually really funny. It was good humor for kids and adults. Rowan, Maddie, Izzie and Gracen picking out where they wanted to sit.

 Izzie giggling at one of the jokes.

 This place even had a mascot walking around. Maddie and Izzie did not want to talk to it, which worries me about Disney World next year! I think they'll be fine. They didn't mind the Disney characters on the cruise. I think they just weren't expecting this guy.

 Inside a little nook was a robotic performance of Blackbirds in a Pie.

The roller coaster cost extra and Izzie went on it with Liane, Rowan and Gracen but Maddie wanted to stay back with me. It was a really fun day. I'm so glad our friends invited us!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cul-de-Sac Party

 Izzie using a quill to write like the Ancient Romans did.

 Maddie tried using a feather for awhile and then switched to a stick. She was having a hard time with it. It was an opportunity to talk about inventions. I said that people probably started with a stick and then found a feather wrote better and then someone invented a quill tip. We pulled up pictures of some fountain pins and different nibs. We talked about how something like inventing a better pen tip was a huge deal! I used to have some fountain pens but I couldn't find them!

 The next day we had a "BIG" Cul-de-sac playdate scheduled. I invited about 20 kids over, made strawberry yogurt popcicles, had balls, hoola hoops, skates, scooters, bubbles and chalk out. We had about 16 kids RSBV yes (keep in mind a few were multiples twins/triplets) So we were very excited. But that morning we started getting cancellations and the party dwindled down a bit. (When multiples cancel it can really hurt party numbers!) We still had about 5 kids show up and we had a good time.

 Maddie and Izzie playing with Ana who arrived first.

Finally other kids arrived and it ended up having more of a "party" feel. Regardless of the small turn out, we had a great time on a beautiful day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Most of our time is spent outdoors...

 Sunny day at the park. Izzie's getting a bit too big for this scooter! Our neighbor gave us two Razor Scooters that her grandkids out grew years ago but for some reason both girls still like the little scooter. I think it's three wheels offer a bit more stability.

 Maddie brought one of the Razors to the park and now Izzie is trying it out.

 Later that day Maddie was playing on the slackline in our backyard.

 The girls were looking for something to do, so I cut out a cardboard crown for them and put some tape on it. They went out and made nature crowns. Here is Izzie's.

 And Maddie's.

 I love the foodsaver mom got me for my birthday. John really loves it. I'll make him a weeks worth of salads in mason jars and vacuum seal them. They stay fresh and crunchy all week long. (Random photo, but hey... why not?)

 Izzie climbing the rock wall. This has gotten way to easy for them. I am trying to convince John to let me put them up the side of the house instead of on the shed so we can go up higher...


 No hands!

 I took the girls shopping and they wanted to window browse at the toy section.

 Maddie and Izzie playing on the mat at the library. I love that they are still young enough to appreciate things like this.

Looking at a "Where's Waldo" book together.