Friday, May 22, 2015

First Grade Poetry Recital

This year for first grade we memorized several poems. Now that we are wrapping up our First Grade work, I wanted the girls to recite all the poems they learned this year. They both worked really hard at memorizing everything. They both learned several poems from our grammar book and then I had them pick a Shel Silverstein (or any author they wanted) to memorize. Izzie picked True Story which was a entire page and Maddie picked three shorter poems. 





Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maddie goes training wheel free!

 Maddie learning to go training wheel free!!!

 Izzie playing ball

 John and Izzie watching Maddie ride.

 We watched our friend, Treya's, bunny Rosie for a week while they went on vacation. Rosie was so sweet! Maddie really wants a bunny so she was really excited to bunny sit. We decided bunnies aren't for us, at least right now though. You've got to do a lot of Bunny proofing of your house and it is hard to keep their cages clean. But Rosie was litterbox trained, which was helpful for when we let her out for exercise.

 Rosie jumping around the girls room.

 Maddie playing with a word wheel at the library.


 Izzie building with blocks. This thing really makes kids have to think because they can only reach the blocks from the holes in the plexiglass. It takes a lot of planning ahead and coordination.

 She was pretty excited about her castle.

 Meanwhile, Maddie found a good book corner.

 The completed bathroom counter!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


 This dress wasn't an upcycle, I bought all new material for it, but I fell in love with the pattern and really enjoyed sewing it. Maddie, especially has taken to it, and almost anytime it's clean she wears it.

 And here she is modeling it.

 Izzie picking out a book from the library wall.

 Rainy cold day at our homeschool group, so we were indoors playing games. My friend, Hanukkah, patiently taught all the kids a few new card games.
 Treya bought face paint and the girls took turns face painting each other. Izzie, Esperanza and Treya.

 Esperanza and Izzie went with butterflies.

 Maddie got a crown painted on.
 Easter seemed to come too quickly this year, but I managed to get my act together so the girls could dye eggs. Here's Maddie and Izzie all ready to go!

 Daddy helping out.

 Easter egg hung in our church dresses that Grandma and Grandpa sent.


 Maddie and Izzie

When we got the kitchen done, we had to buy the entire slab of granite. There was a remnant left over, so my contractor said a lot of people use leftover pieces in their bathroom. My plan was to use our pre-existing sink, because that would be cheaper than getting an undermount sink. But he said he'd give us the undermount sink and labor for free. Then when we went to measure exacts, my remnant was just slightly too small. So he said I could trade it for a remnant in his shop! I drove over to the granite workers shop, which is a warehouse type building and it is extremely dusty from all the debris from cutting granite all day. Armed with only my flashlight on my phone, I went into the way back dark corner of the warehouse to look through granite pieces. I found this one, and crossed my fingers it'd look good in the bathroom. I had basically five minutes to pick and only got to see a small corner of the granite as it stuck out from all the other pieces. It has a bit more brown in it that I thought, but I still like it. I decided to do the tile backsplash myself. This is me starting it.

Oh, and the install was crazy too. Apparently there isn't a shut off valve that works under this sink, so we had to shut the water off at the street. But the sink has to cure bolted in for 24 hours. So John had to install the faucet UNDER the sink while it cured, so we could turn the water back on to the house, and just off under the sink. Good brainstormng because at first we thought we'd be without water for those 24 hours!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Superheroes and Izzie's Mac

 Maddie and Izzie playing with a bunch of John's superheroes from when he was a little boy. Jackie and Tom sent them to the girls in the mail.

 Izzie making Macaroni and Cheese

Oh yum.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mad Scientists

 Izzie reading on my bed while I'm sewing.

 I accidentally let my serger run out of thread on one of the four spools. Even the instruction manual said that it is easier to tie a knot in the new thread than to rethread for beginners. When I opened it up to figure out how to rethread, I knew it was right. This thing is confusing. But after watching the instruction video and a few YouTubes, I finally got it rethreaded!

 Maddie testing out the "swirlability" of the new Jasmine dress I made her.

 I heard some strange noises and look up to see the skylight covered in hail.

 Just five minutes after hearing the first sound of hail, the front deck was covered!

 Maddie working on spelling.

 Good morning Ms. Isaboo!

 Maddie and Izzie about to warm up with handstands. Izzie especially has really been working to prefect her handstand.

 I bought the girls some droppers from Amazon. They are plastic so I don't have to worry about them being gentle. We pulled out some food dye and the girls pretended they were scientist mixing up potions.
 This seriously kept them busy for hours.

 I left to go do some shopping while they were still playing, and Nanna had to deal with the clean up! She dunked them in the bathtub because they were so colorful. Luckily most of it did wash out!

 Maddie and Izzie at G6 an indoor trampoline place, that is pretty amazing.

 Maddie making quiche (with my help) tonight.

 Her quiche came out perfect!

Look at this cute little squirrel sitting out my sewing room window. He's so chubby!!!