Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving in Texas part 1

Maddie, John and Izzie at the Portland airport, we are on our way to Texas!

Izzie and Momma.

We arrived and Nanny was waiting at Jackie and Tom's for us! She missed her girls and they missed her.

You know who else was missed? Sabrina! The "triplets" were reunited. Sabrina brought her Barbie house to Grandma's to show it to Maddie and Izzie. She'd shown it to them on Skype and couldn't wait to show it to them in person.

Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie... I guess this is how cousins play these days, huddled around an iPad.

John brought a Lego Playstation game and the kids all had a great time playing it.

We spent one night at Jackie's and then hit the road to spend a couple nights at Mema and Pepaw's house. Mema and Maddie haing out on the porch.

Mema got invited to a coloring party!

Mema trying to do Izzie's word search puzzle.

Big Twins and Little Twins! Izzie, Daylyn, Darian and Maddie.

Daylyn and her Daddy Darrin. Say that ten times fast.

The have their own little table.

Izzie reading a book to everyone on Mema's bed.

She was quiet offended when the little twins wandered off half way through the book. I had to remind her that they were younger and their attention span wasn't as long as hers.

John reunited once again with Freebirds. Oh how many burritos were eaten here during college....

We have to keep a close eye on Mema. She has pretty bad back problems but if she's feeling even slightly okay, she over does it, which leads to more back problems! In less than a blink of an eye she was up on this cabinet! We were talking about some old dishes and she thought she still had one, so she jumped up to get it down. Rhonda is trying to get her down carefully.

The girls are old enough to play in Mema and Pepaw's "Big Backyard." I spent many many hours exploring around their property when I was their age!

Maddie, Rhonda and Izzie.

Pepaw showing everyone an old family photo album.

Right before we left I wanted to do an impromptu family portrait. So, we weren't exactly dressed for it and I hadn't done my hair or make up, but I still love it. Pepaw, John, Mema, Me, Maddie and Izzie.

Rhonda, Pepaw, Mema and Me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just another great week as a homeschooler

 Maddie at gymnastics

 Izzie in her ballet class.

 At home, we made a "flubber" if I remember correctly it was cornstarch and water. When you slapped it, it acted like a solid and if you ran your fingers through it slowly it was a liquid. Plenty of fun! Next time though it'd be a good idea to put down some towels. Lets saying mopping the floor after this activity was a major necessity.

 Looks like the forecast calls for a couple inches of leaves and branches today. (This was actually what John blew off the roof!)

 Maddie cutting out a medieval shoe.

 Izzie and her shoe design.

 Izzie working on a math coloring sheet.

 Izzie at the library

Maddie reading at the library.

Typical homeschooling week for us, gymnastics and ballet classes, hands on learning activities, trips to the library, cozying up with the kitty, outdoor time as much as possible. Living a great life!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall is an understatement

Yeah, you could say it was fall. We couldn't believe how many limbs fell down in the windstorm we got. When we bought the property, we loved the decks, but they have proved to be a bugger to maintain.

Maddie at the library.

Since Izzie learned how to ride without training wheels she doesn't want to ever get off her bike. Because it was still a windy day, I made her bundle up tight and put protection over her ears.

After riding she came in to cozy up and read for a bit.
Part of first grade is lots of fun projects, right? We decided to make these pockets that ladies used in the middle ages before they invented sewing pockets straight into an outfit!

I doubt pockets from the Middle Ages was pink, but that's how my girls roll. Here is Maddie sewing her pocket after cutting out the pattern.

Izzie .


Izzie modeling her pocket, with a belt that she finger knitted.
The front deck looked marginally better than the back deck, but only just barley and the roof was pretty covered too.

Izzie curled up funny in the chair while we watched a documentary on the Middle Ages.

Getting ready for my Moms Night In Craft Party. I made a really awesome Sangria and a caramelized onion dip that was insanely good. I think we all ended up visiting around the food almost more than crafting, but we did get some of our crafting done!