Friday, May 20, 2016

Storytime, library & a bit of science

 Backyard storytime at a friend's house

 The Disney Lego collection. John got about 1/2 of the Disney Legos Mini Figs to add to his overall collection.

 I'll never get tired of looking at our new backyard.

 Izzie at the library.

 Making "snow" from a science kit. We learned that it was made from a special polymer that can absorb 300% its original size in water.

the "snow"

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Girl Scout Outdoor Training Certified, Oh yes I am.

 Maddie at horse lessons.

 Camp Currie
 Me at Girl Scout Outdoor Training. I'm now the certified adult on record to take a bunch of kids camping. Scary stuff! Mrs. Kamas, I miss you! I'm not ready to fill your shoes!!!

Learning outdoor camping stuff.

 Practicing knot tying.

 Foil dinners anyone?

 Jake again. He's just so photogenic.

 as are these two sweet peas. Izzie, Maddie.

 Izzie in Pig Tails


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A bit of this and that

One day I was walking around the backyard, actually the side yard, the part which is tucked back and no one really ever goes over there, and I saw this beauty of a flower. I love how my yard always surprises me!

 A gift from the previous homeowners that we are finally dealing with. They left gallons and gallons of old mostly dried up paint and stain in our shed. We really haven't used the shed so it was easy to ignore. But this summer I started renovating it, in hopes to turn it into a playhouse for the girls.  We got the demo done, but put the rest of the project on hold.

 When I moved to Vancouver a friend I met online put balloons on my door. So when I met a lady on a homeschool board that was moving from Ft Worth, Texas to Vancouver, I did the same for her. It was a fun way to pay it forward.

 Izzie, Momm and Jake cuddle!

 Maddie and Izzie playing on my friend Hanukkah's piano.

 Sewing lessons didn't exactly go as planned this school year. For whatever reason, the bag we started at the beginning of the year kept getting pushed aside. But we were so close to completing it that we made a push and finished it up. The girls have been using it all summer to carry markers in. This is Izzie finishing up.

 Maddie doing those last few stitches!

 Maddie showing off her handmade bag.

Nanna and Popo took the girls to the library and Maddie asked to check out an atlas. She's had a lot of fun studying the maps.

Izzie, ta-da!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, Captain America Style

 Maddie on the couch and Izzie on the floor just hanging out and watching some tv.

 Gardening class with Hanukkah. Izzie ended up taking a nap in the opened up van. She said she wasn't feeling well, so I made a doctor's appointment for the next day.
 Poor girl had a sinus infection. So, got her on some meds and thankfully cleared it all up pretty quickly. There was a hilarious snafu with the pharmacist who accidentally rang my $10 medicine up for over $1000. Got a few extra zeros on that... not sure the insurance company would appreciate that!

 Troop 45078 made blankets and bought animal supplies to donate to the Humane Society. We got a behind the scene tour and somehow managed to leave without any of us adopting a cute furry friend... at least that day!

 My friend Christina gave me some of her eggs. I lined up a Goose, Duck and chicken egg to see the comparison. So cool! I love having friends that I get farm fresh eggs from.

 Maddie in her CHOOSE HAPPY shirt. I love this shirt!

 A rare photo of how messy my kitchen can sometimes get. You know with life going on and all...

 Daddy and Izzie.

We went to go see Captain America vs Iron Man for Mother's Day. Sometimes you just roll with it it. We decided to wear matching shirts, because, why not? Daddy, Izzie, Maddie and Mom.