Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Starting Seeds

 I love my kitty. This was such a sweet pose!

 More knitting, more kitchen scrubbers!

 The lego store gave us a teeny tiny box that we could bring back in and fill it up with legos for free, pretty much guaranteeing we'd spend another $50 or more while we were there....

 The washclothes are multiplying!

 I changed out an outlet in the girls bathroom that was so loose it wouldn't hold a plug. I have a few more to do around the house. I guess after 30+ years they just get old. I'm so glad my Pepaw taught me how to do this back when I was in college!

 We've been working on a plant unit for science class. So of course that means we should start a garden!

 Izzie and Maddie made seed pots out of old toilet paper rolls.

 Then we studied what the seeds looked like. We decided to chart a root vegetable (carrots), a plant you eat the leaves (basil) and a plant you eat the fruit (bell pepper.) We are also charting peanuts (from a kit they got for Christmas!) I wish I had thought to try celery or chard, something you'd eat the stem of, but we did talk about that.

 Seeds come in all different sizes!

 Maddie checking out our seed starts.

 Princess Izzie working on her Royal Math. This girl has the princess bug BAD. Or good. Whichever. She loves everything Princess and Royal right now. She dreams in pink about castles and pegasuses. Her favorite name for anything is Beauty. She loves making the world a more beautiful place that is for sure!

 And of course the Royal Princess Maddie. She loves everything princessy too, but not to the same degree as Izzie. She loves helping people and building them up. She's a problem solver and a thinker.

Princess Isabelle, Princess Esperanza and Princess Madeline.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Pink Nighties

 Izzie sitting on Maddie's Kura Bed. One up and one to go.... they'll sleep like this (bunk beds) until I get the second bed up.

 We went to a friends house in Gresham, Oregon, which is about 45 minutes away. In Texas distance that is like nothing. But up here in the Pacific Northwest, 45 minutes away is FOREVER away. I totally don't mind driving to visit her and she doesn't mind driving to visit us either, so it's all good. Some people up in this part of the country that would be a TRIP. Anyway, long story to say, just a few minutes from her house is the only Carter's clothing store that I think is in this part of the country (bonus that it is an outlet location!) I love Carter's clothes. Some people totally follow Gymboree or whatever. And don't get me wrong, some Gymboree clothes are darling. But for the price, I love Carter's. Even so, they are my "fancy" store for the girls. I get two or three nice play dresses for them there every season or so the rest of their clothes come from resale shops or Target.

All this to say, on a whim, we stopped by Carter's after leaving our friend's house. And there were THESE nightgowns. And they were not the price (even on sale) that I would normally spend on pajamas of any kind. Maddie and Izzie ooohhhed and awwweeed over these nightgowns. But I explained the price and that they didn't really need new nighties, etc. And they were okay with all of that. They said they were the most beautiful nightgowns that they'd ever seen, but they understood. So of course I had to get them. I mean, if they had had a tempertantrum and pulled a fit for those nightgowns there is NO way they would have gotten them. But... those sweet little faces that were wistfully gazing upon the nighties with no greed whatsoever... sucker punch and in the bag they went! And they have worn them pretty much every waking moment that I haven't had them in "real" clothes since then.... so, totally... worth it.

 Speaking of Carter's clothes, these were two of the dresses I bought. I love the cute polka dots! Izzie and Maddie at storytime. The accessories... are all them. They have their OWN style and I don't interfere for the most part.

 Speaking of "accessories." We were at storytime and I looked down at the pile of jackets, coats and scarves we made and snapped a picture. I'm ready for warmer weather where layers aren't required!


 I started knitting at Christmas and haven't put the knitting needles down. I knit at the library, the park, watching tv or whenever I can.

 Our "Number of the Day" worksheets.
Izzie's equations that she made up...
(3x30) + 10 + 9 = 109
(2x40) + 20+ 9 = 109
50+30+20+9 = 109
 Maddie's equations, again... all on her own.
(5x20) +9 = 109
(2x24) + 21+40 = 109
21+40+48= 109

Maddie and Izzie after a good day playing at our ACE homeschool group. That much mud meant LOTS of fun!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

John's Birthday

 John holding both girls up!

 Maddie making a chain to help decorate for Daddy's birthday celebration.

 Izzie working on the chain too.

 They made a pretty long chain, and another one over by the front door. Then we blew up a bunch of balloons.

 I totally impressed myself with this homemade ice cream cake that I made over the course of three days. Homemade chocolate cake, with homemade strawberry ice cream and a chocolate gananche topping.

 The girls also decorated a Happy Birthday Sign.

 I made John's traditional Chicken Parmesan... I think I've made it for his birthday almost every year we've known each other.

 We were FaceTimining with his parents when we sang the Birthday song.

 Then lots of playing with the balloons!

We had so much fun celebrating!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Maddie giving me a look as she works in her handwriting book.

 Maddie drew a picture of our dining room and then wanted to make a frame for it. So she made the yellow frame out of construction paper and then studied a picture frame to figure out how to make hers stand up.

 This was what she came up with to make the frame stand up.

 The girls having a picnic in their school room. (Not juice, they are drinking kefir.) We had a free consultant come out from Home Depot to give us an estimate on updating our kitchen. I had cleaned the kitchen and dining room table and wasn't about to let the girls leave crumbs! I wasn't that impressed with the guys selection or his quote, we'll definitely be shopping around if and when we do an update!

 Izzie modeling one of the scarves I knitted for them.

 The girls are in an hour long Ballet/Gym class. It's 30 minutes of Ballet and then 30 minutes of Gym. Their triplet friends Makena, Isaac and Kayla are in the class too.

 Maddie working on some addition problems using a dice game.


 Izzie and Maddie.

 Izzie reading a book. They like the Oliver and Amanda series, they are the perfect reading level for them.

 Playing a game they got a while back, it's a bit too easy for them now, but they still had fun with it.


 Maddie and Izzie at storytime. The day after their first cheerleading class they asked for bows in their hair! Along with Ballet/Gym they are taking a Cheerleading class that Grandma and Grandpa got them for their birthday. Busy girls!

 They made toolbelts at storytime. Maddie and Izzie.

Izzie and Maddie at a cookie booth. I forgot to take a picture of them in front of the booth, they were catching customers coming out this door, our booth is down a bit. So they currently are in Ballet/Gym, Cheer, ACE Homeschool Group, Storytime and Girl Scouts, we stay busy!