Monday, August 11, 2014

Swinging from Trees

 Sometimes having a twin sister means that you grab some shoes on the way out of the door to put on when you get where you are going and then you realize you grabbed two right shoes so you just have to go barefoot. This is what happened to Maddie and when we got to the park at least we had a good laugh and luckily, they have tough feet and usually kick off their shoes anyway.

 I thought this was a picture of Izzie but it's Maddie!

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie swinging from a tree.


 Posing with our friends. Kayla, Izzie, Maddie, Makena and Isaac. They moved away at the end of the summer, but not too far, so hopefully we'll still get to see them sometimes.

 Another day, another park. Homeschool girls hanging out in what apparently many years ago was a boat shaped sandbox. Now it's just sort of a boat shape.

 The BIG Queen and her throne. This throne which turned into a castle was an entire project that morphed along during the summer. I think it is still going months later with rooms and rooms. Believe me when I say, I do not think these girls will ever have enough bricks. They just create and create and create. Everytime we go to the lego store, a few days later we hear, "Can we get more legos??"

 Jake trying to wake me up. "Mom the sun is up!" Yeah, well in the summer the sun is up at 4:30 in this part of the country, go back to bed Jake!!! (this was not at 4:30, it isn't quite that bright out that early in the morning and I wouldn't be awake enough to snap a photo anyway.)



Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lewisville River

 Izzie and Maddie showing off boots we got on sale to wear this fall/winter. I bought them hoping they'd still fit! Sure enough, as it got cold enough to wear them, Izzie was up a size. But I lucked out, Target still had them and I was able to exchange for a larger size and still at the sale price.

 Summer 2014 should be remembered as the year that Izzie tried climbing ALL the trees she could. She really had fun, trying to find the perfect climbing tree. She also told Nanna and Popo that when they moved here the only requirement for their home is that it has a climbing tree in the yard.

 Maddie and Izzie in the Lewisville River. We went with John and had so much fun, that we came back during the week so it wouldn't be as crowded.



 Maddie, Izzie

 Climbing the boulders near the river was even more fun than swimming in the cold, cold water.

 Izzie hanging from a tree.

 Across the park from the river was a playground. Our clothes were way, way back at the car, so they decided to just play in their suits for a bit. I was worried they'd tire themselves out with all the swimming, climbing and playing that they weren't going to want to walk back to the car. I was partly right, but we eventually made it back.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Swimming, Swimming in the Swimming Pool

 Even though it was summer, we decided to do a little bit of school stuff here and there. Starting our unit on Ancient China was fun.

 But of course we still had plenty of time to do summer stuff like go swimming. We got to the pool a few minutes before it opened, so Izzie and Maddie played on the "baby" playground for a bit.

 But soon enough they were jumping in the pool. The lifegaurds were a lot more lax with the rules this year and the kids were allowed to jump in from the side of the pool. We spent the first 20 or so minutes of Open Swim time for private lessons with Yours Truly as their instructor. At the beginning of the summer, I thought I wasn't doing a very good job, but then everything clicked and they were doing amazingly by the end of summer.


 They were excited to be able to swim in the "big" pool this year instead of the baby pool.

 Izzie and Maddie got these stick hoses from their Aunt Judy when they were toddlers, but for the most part they really never played with them. I thought they jut didn't really like them and almost sold them. Glad I held on to them because their imaginative play has taken off this summer and these guys were constant companions. They named them Peach and Spaghetti. We aren't sure where the name Spaghetti came from.

 Izzie riding Peach with Maddie on Spaghetti way back there.

We've read the first two in this series and they are such fun books. All about a magical castle that can create rooms as needed and a group of siblings that band together to overcome adversity. The third one is out, but we are waiting for our library to buy it. In the meantime we've moved on to the A Series of Unfortunate Events books for bedtime reading and we are listening to The Land of Stories trilogy in the car.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer fun

 Izzie hula hooping on the front porch in an ice skating leotard we got at a second hand store. In pink socks.

 "Ground Control, this is Maddie. Do we have lift off?" Playing at the downtown library.


 Izzie and Maddie

 Our library is soo soo cool.

 Swimsuits that Nanna bought the girls. Maddie and Izzie down at the Sandy Swimming Hole. We were going to go swimming there right after lunch. While we were eating the swimsuit package arrived at our door. What great timing!


A game they play called, "Disneyland."