Friday, September 18, 2015

"The Goops" Poetry Recital

 Izzie reciting a poem called "The Goops" by Gilette Burgess. Memorizing and reciting poetry is part of our Grammar curriculum.

Maddie had the poem down pat, but as soon as she was supposed to recite it in front of the camera she got so worried she'd mess up that she got upset. But we worked through it and she completed the assignment. 



 Izzie working on a drawing exercise.


 Maddie working on an art history project.


 Izzie and Maddie reading together.

 Maddie and Izzie at the library.

 And the next morning, reading, reading, reading.

 Daydreaming Maddie.

 Maddie at the all important eye exam.

Izzie and Maddie in the obligatory photo of the silly eye doctor glasses. All four eyes checked out great!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vancouver Food Festival

I got Chris and the rest of the family tickets to the Vancouver Food Festival for his birthday. Of course Maddie and Izzie went for the "American" booth and got corndogs. But I do have to admit, they were pretty good corndogs.

Chris and Mom.

Amanda and John. It was a very hot day for a September!

I convinced Izzie to go on the rickety ferris wheel with me. We just were hoping the thing stayed in once piece while we were on it!

Irish Dancers on the stage. We also saw some martial arts displays. It was a pretty fun festival.

The next day, I took Izzie out to pick out fabric for her Halloween costume. She was going as Glinda and Maddie went as the Wicked Witch. She tried on this hat for Maddie to see.

Maddie helping Nanna lay out a quilt.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Not Back to School Campout 2015

 This was our second year for the local Not Back to School Campout. And it was a great time! This year, Mom and Chris joined the girls and I. It's during the week, so it makes it hard for John to come, but maybe one year he'll be able to at least stop by and say hi while we are camping. We stay at Oxbow which is about 40 minutes from home.

 This year, I packed the van to the brim for our 3 night stay. Partly because I wanted to get the girls' bikes in the van. And boy was I glad I did. They LOVED being able to bike around the huge campsite and have the freedom to explore.

 My friend Hanukkah setting up her tent.

 Cutie pie Maddie.


 A deer came right up on the first night and had to check out everyone's tables to see if anything was of interest to her!

 First morning, Izzie, Maddie and Esperanza. The nights get pretty chilly, but by afternoon it was nice and warm each day so we had to bring lots of clothes and layers.


 Due to a surprising lack of rain the past winter, our summer was dangerously dry. We were under fire bans. The state was just starting to lift them before our campout because of recent rains, but Oxbow isn't a state park and they opted to stay under the ban. So once again, I cooked on Mom's coleman stove and I have to say, I was getting pretty good at it!

 I had Maddie and Izzie help Nanna wash the dishes. (I did all the cooking and Mom did "most" of the dish washing.) But Maddie and Izzie made it look like enough fun that Ezra and Esperanza wanted to join in, so we had quite the assembly line!

 I brought the slackline again this year and it was a HUGE hit.

 Kiki and her girls' came up for the day and we had a fun time. We were camping with about 20 other families, but apparently I only took photos of Kiki, Hanukkah and my family!

 Down by the river. The water is way too cold in September to actually swim in it, but getting our feet wet is fun.

 Wowsers to no make up while camping and bright light to wash our faces out, but hey, we were having a great time and that's what counts, right? Me, Hanukkah and Kiki.


 Uh oh, Ezra caught me trying to take a photo of his mom reading to him.

 Headlamps and glow sticks at night. Way cool.

 This was "The Reading Club." Matter of fact, unless these girls were biking or running, they were reading. Izzie, Maddie and Esperanza.

 Making pancakes for breakfast our second morning at camp. Poor Mom, I got hungry by the time I made her pancake so I served it a bit undercooked... oops!

 Maddie and Izzie.


 More reading club. Izzie, Maddie and Nanna.

 John should skip the next two images so that he'll still actually want to come camping with us one day....

 The deer came back the third night and was walking around and around my tent. It kept freaking me out while I was zipped up in the tent. I had to double check it really was a deer and not a bear!

 When I rolled up my tent, there were these "trenches" all under it. Apparently something was burrowing around under the tent. I didn't feel anything, but I have no idea what made these wiggly lines. They were about 1.5" across and they were all under where my tent tarp was. Sure was bizarre!

We broke camp but Maddie didn't want to leave. She held out until the very, very end, reading her book.