Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Egg Drop Challenge

 At homeschool group a bunch of the kids were doing the egg drop science/engineering challenge. Basically with a set number of straws and a certain length of tape, the kids were challenged to see if they could protect a raw egg from being dropped at various heights. Izzie and Maddie opted to watch the first go around. Both of them really like to observe their world before jumping in. The second time we did this challenge they both tried their hand at it.

 Ezra was one of the younger participants.

 Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace because we can.

 Yep it's fall. We know this because of all the leaves, debris and wet that fall from the sky.

 Izzie and I at the movie, Miss Pettigrew's  Home for Peculiar Children.

 Momma and Maddie.

 Izzie hanging out in her Lloyed Garmadon halloween costume I made her

 Family game night! Maddie, Izzie and Nanna.

 Izzie and Maddie looking so tall and grown up.

 Maddie at the library.

 Helping me at the grocery store.

My shoppers.

Friday, October 14, 2016

BiZi Farms Pumpkin Patch 1016

 Took the girls to a homeschool field trip at the Pumpkin Patch. There's Maddie in the hay maze. At first she was one of the tallest kids in there so she wasn't so sure, but then her friends joined in and she had a fun time. Some kids her age opted to do the more scary corn maze, but neither Izzie or Maddie wanted to do that.
 Our friend Ezra.



 Izzie. Our house was cold. When we left, I was worried about not bringing jackets because it was so chilly. But the pumpkin patch was in the full sun (our house is 100% shady!) and the shade vs sun made a HUGE difference. We were sweltering.

 Pumpkin patch with a petting zoo. Why not?

 Izzie, Maddie and Me. Look at my transition lenses, they got dark! The UV rays were strong!

 Hay pyramid. I love this shot, I told the girls to run up there before all the other kids and I got one quick shot before it was full of kids.

 On the hay ride with Evelyn.

 I'm so glad we went when we did, because it started raining a few days after our pumpkin trip and the fields and everything were very, very muddy from reports I heard.

 You can see Mount Saint Helen in the background.

 Izzie didn't like how muddy her pumpkin was, but at least we were at the washing station!

 Esperanza came over to play for a couple hours after the field trip.

Me playing with one of my hats.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lego We Do 2.0 Rover

So nice to have shopping helpers! 

 Izzie and Maddie watching Liberty Kids as part of our history class.

 This is Fred the turkey. He belongs to our friend Christina. Sadly, Fred got eaten by a coyote before Thanksgiving.

 Izzie modeling her new coat. Looks like she's got some room to grow into it!

 We are using Lego We Do 2.0 for a robotics coding class this year. Here's Maddie building our robot that is supposed to be like a Mars rover. If it detects something, it'd stop and take a photo (simulated) our robot doesn't actually have a camera.)

 Izzie writing the code that tells the robot to look for an object.

 Testing it out.

Our robot and the flower it is supposed to find.

Robot in action!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Gearing up for Halloween

 First girl scout meeting of the school year. We met at the library which was SO convenient. I could drop the girls off, return books, pick up some new ones and if I needed to, run to the grocery store that was really close to the library. But the library has a weird reservation policy and you can only go week to week. We missed out on a few weeks and are meeting at a hospital conference room right now. Hopefully we'll get the library space back. Much more roomy and convenient for the girls too. The girls were excited to see their friends and make some new ones too.

 Jake Puddle. He says the sun is too bright for his nap.

 I love that the barn where our riding lessons has a firepit for the moms.

 Cathi shut down lessons during the winter this year, the girls and I are a bit bummed by that. We liked going year round last year, but we met during the afternoon which was a bit warmer than after dark. But Cathi got a day job and is only doing lessons in the evening. I've looked for replacement lessons but can't find any place that matches her price. So we'll wait for spring and pick up again.

 Homeschool day in front of the fire.

 The girls flipped their loft beds and made some secret forts underneath.

 All fancy for a lunch out with my friend Renita. We met at the historic Grant House just outside of Downtown Vancouver. This house is on Officer's row and belong to officers that worked at the Fort of Vancouver. Now it's a nice restaurant.

 The Grant House
 I took Izzie to the fabric store to get fabric for her Halloween costume. She wants to go as Lloyd Garmadon from Ninjago. It's a lego show, but she wants to go as a "real" Lloyd not a lego Lloyd (thank goodness.) Just for fun we tried on some Halloween accessories while we were shopping.

 I kinda wish I had bought this hat...

 Later that day we went to Target with Dad looking for some accessories and new winter coats. We saw this Lloyd Garmadon Lego mask. How cool? But I'm secretly glad that Izzie was still interested in me making her costume rather than buying it.

 Me trying on a pirate hat.

 Daddy got in on the fun too.

 Maddie thought this might be fun to wear during Girl Scout Cookie sales, but she said since there wasn't a chocolate chip cookie, it didn't actually make total sense.

Izzie playing for Nanna.